Me and the Blog

Hi, I am Zhiyong PENG, a professional .NET developer and architect. My job is to develop underlying data storage services for a low-code platform company. The domain name of this blog,, is the abbreviation of my Chinese name in pinyin.

This is my personal blog, powered by Moonglade, a .NET based blogging system of which I am one of the contributors.

The best way to contact me is by email: m[at]pzy[dot]io Should you have any question or would like to contact me, feel free to email me. If you are also a software developer, you can contact me via the following GitHub:

The Journey of Zhiyong PENG

  • 2010

    When I was still in college, because of personal interest, I registered a personal Chinese pinyin domain name,, and held it until 2019. After finding free hosting space on the Internet, I used the EMLOG system to build my first personal blog.

    I stopped updating my blog site after a month due to the unstable free hosting space.

  • 2011

    When I was about to graduate from college, I was introduced to the WordPress open source system for the first time because of the recommendation of my college classmates.

    Since hosting space is very cheap, I paid for my first web hosting at SUDU and deployed WordPress on it. I used SUDU's web hosting service for almost 6 years (until 2017).

    From then on I started my blog tossing journey. Due to constant upgrades and updates, WordPress has become more and more bloated, so that the web hosting resources I purchased are not enough, and my blog often has 503 errors.

  • 2013

    As WordPress consumes more and more server resources, it becomes extremely unstable when running on limited web hosting resources.

    So, I had to find a lightweight blogging system and Typecho came into my sight because it was simple and easy enough to make one have to choose it.

    Because Typecho is quite simple, for the required functions, I develop some extension plug-ins for it, such as UpyunFile.

  • 2015

    Since Typecho was not SEO friendly enough, I chose the SEO friendly and popular blogging system at the time, which is ZBlog.


    Hosted on Microsoft Azure.

  • 2018

    Notex rewrite blog system with .NET Core, code name "Moonglade".

    Integration with more Azure Services

  • 2022

    Moonglade Open Source the entire system on GitHub.