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I care more about some causes than others. Not everyone can fix everything in this world so I've decided to focus on a few causes that I deeply care about and divert my energy (in form of time or money) to the best of my personal capacity.

Internet Freedom Foundation

Right to Privacy should not be only for the privildged. I donate to IFF on a monthly basis to help them continue their fight against the growing use of digital surveillance. IFF strives to make the internet an open place.

Consider checking out the various donation plans they have on their website.

Mozilla Foundation

I use Thunderbird as my Email client (inspired from Kailash) and make occasional one time donations in order to support it's development.

Mozilla Corporation has made some questionable decisions in the past, however I'd still like to support them for the products they have built over the years, which I continue to use daily.

You can check out the donation options on their website.


It won't be wrong to call archive.org as the world's largest digital museum for websites. I've seen (and cringed) at some of my earlier blogs made when I was a high schooler (circa 2009) and chuckled at them. I make occasional one time donations to them.

These folks are doing an incredible job of preserving the history. Our future generation would be able to see the <marquee> based funky websites of 90s along with the horrible Front-End spaghetti and that would be quite something!

Consider to check out the donation page on their website